Business Law

This is a one year Post Graduation program. It provides candidates an opportunity to enhance their professional skill. It is mostly helpful in the commercial world. Below is our educational module:

1. Acquisition of legal skills and decision making in legal matters.

2. Introduction of commercial laws such as Contract Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Banking and Investment Laws.

3. It also gives opportunity to learners to design their own learning pathway.


1. Contract Law

2. Banking Law

3. Company Law

4. Industrial Relations

5. Environmental Laws

6. Intellectual Property Laws


1. Contract Law: This course provides an overview of contract and their significance in commercial context. It consist of below modules:

  • Concept and Role of Contract in society

  • Capacity and consideration

  • Free Consent

  • Types of Contract

  • Discharge of a Contract

  • Breach of a Contract and remedies

  • Special Contract

  • E-Contracts

2. Banking Law: This course aims to familiarize student with the norms of Banking Law, emerging trends in Banking Industry, regulations in Banking industry and its growth etc. It consist of below modules:

  • Understanding the basic terminologies

  • Central Bank and its role

  • Banking Regulations

  • Banking Recovery Laws

  • Law of Negotiable Instrument

  • Banker and Customer

  • Other Banking related laws

3. Company Law: It covers below aspects:

  • Formation of a Company

  • Characteristics of Corporate Personality

  • Management of Company

  • Corporate Finance

  • Investor Protection

  • Secretarial Functions

  • Winding Up - Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

4. Industrial Relations: This Course prepares students to critically examine the areas of Labour Law and prepare students to apply their knowledge to the day-to-day business. The paper consist of following modules:

  • Industrial Relations

  • Trade Union

  • Labour Code

  • Industrial Dispute Redress 

  • The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946

  • Law relating to Contract Labour

5. Environmental laws: This Course provides students an overview of environmental laws and regulations governing commerce and industry in India. It consist of following modules:

  • Pollution Control Board

  • Biodiversity Law

  • Land Laws

  • Law relating to environment and industry

6. Intellectual Property Law: This Course consist of below modules:

  • Introduction to IPR

  • Law of Copyrights

  • Law of Patents

  • Law of Trademarks

  • Geographical Indications

  • Law of Designs

  • Trade Secrets