Jurisprudence is the one of the concepts of law which doesn't have any definition! #behappy However, people who are experts in the field of legal theory, philosophy have understood the term considering different situations and parameters. During my college days, I used to think a lot as to Why do I study Jurisprudence? huh! At a later stage, when I got an opportunity to conduct legal research, I got to know about #jurisprudence. It is an incredibly vast subject. In simple words, Jurisprudence is a critical understanding of the law. It is general inquiry and analysis of the law. It is the study behind origin of the law.

Meaning of Jurisprudence

The word "Jurisprudence" is derived from the latin word "Jurisprudentia" which means the study, knowledge or science of law. The interpretation of the word Jurisprudence includes investigation, information and analysis of the Law. In short, if someone asks you the meaning of Jurisprudence, the answer should be simple and crisp i.e. the Jurisprudence is the study of Law. It is about the study of the origin of the law. It aims to decide the purpose and objective behind the law.

Throughout the span of history, many jurists and philosophers tried to explain the meaning of law. They undertook the research throughout their lifetime and tried to figure out the characteristics of the law. Their work became a guideline for the state to set the rules and regulations for the subject.

Jurisprudence Lecture in Hindi:

Nature of Jurisprudence

One of the important features of law is that the law never remains static. It keeps changing according to the development in the society, happening of certain events etc., by keeping this view in mind, scholars like Austin and Salmond tried to examine the nature of law. According to Austin, Law is the order of sovereign. Authority, Order and Obligations are the components of the law. On the other hand, Salmond characterized law as the group of standards applied by the state by keeping in mind the concept of organizational equity.

However, below are the points to be remembered as a nature of Jurisprudence:

  • It analyzes the concept of law.

  • It sets the foundation of new laws.

  • Without jurisprudence, the application of law is not possible.

In simple words, the jurisprudence is the theoretical base of the law. In order to apply the law practically, the theoretical base needs to be understood. This is the basic goal of study of jurisprudence.

Scope of Jurisprudence

Below points highlights the scope of Jurisprudence:

  • It investigates the statute and ensures suggestions to improve the same from time to time.

  • It gives a general understanding of the nature of law.

  • It gives preciseness in conducting studies of the law.

  • It is helpful for the research activities whenever issues arise in the law such issues mostly based upon present social needs.

  • It illuminates the essential thoughts and basics of law. It helps to understand the ideas of law, its utility and so on.

  • The order of statute assists with understanding the law in its appropriate setting by thinking about the necessities of the general public.

  • It throws light on the basic ideas and fundamental principles of law in the given society.


Jurisprudence is a study of law. Law is very important for peaceful society. Law consists of substantive law and procedural law. In order to understand the substance of law, one must understand the purpose of law. To understand such a purpose, #jurisprudence is important. Its nature and importance have been given by different law scholars and specialists. We can draw a conclusion that the jurisprudence is the investigation of law. Why? because it analyzes the reason behind the law and continuously observes the law in order to suggest amendments as per the changes in the society.

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