Tutorials for Law

We at Being Vakil provide tutorials for Law. Our motto is to teach the law differently. Here, at Being Vakil, we have innovative and creative approach which is helpful for students to grasp the concept easily. We do provide coaching for below courses:


2. LLB (3 Years)


4. B.com LLB


6. BA LLB (Hons)

1. BLS LLB (Bachelors of Legal Science & Bachelor of Legislative Law):

It is a five year integrated course in law. An aspirant can pursue this course after 10+2 class. In the first two years of a BLS course, aspirants are taught the subjects like Economics, History, Political Science, English and Legal Language etc.

2. LLB (3 Years):

Legum Baccalaureus or LLB is a three years Bachelor of Law degree. This course can be pursued after passing graduation exams and scoring minimum 45% in aggregate. Colleges offering this Course is closely monitored by the Bar Council Of India. This course consist of 6 semesters followed by practicals and moot court. 

3. BA LLB:

The Bachelor of Arts - Bcahelor of Legisltaive Law (BA LLB) is an integrated law degree. It can be pursued after qualifying 10+2 exam. This law degree is integration of BA (Bachelor of Arts) and Law. 

4. B.com LLB:

The Bachelor of Commerece - Bachelor of Legislative Law (B.com LLB) is integration of Commerce and Law course. The aspirants of this course is taught both Commerce and Law. This course comprise of 10 semesters. It comprise of Accountancy, Financial Studies, Auditing, Business Statistics etc.


The Bachelor of Business Administration - Bachelor of Legislative Law (BBA LLB) is a five years course. It is an integration of Business Administration and Law. The aspirant is taught the subjects like Accountancy, Statistics, Principles of Management, Computer Applications, Communications etc. for first 3 years.

6. BA LLB (Hons.):

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB) is a professional law degree consisting of five years. An aspirants has to pass 10+2 exam. In this Course, the student are taught in depth law subjects. BA LLB(Hons.) is an advance course than the BA LLB. A key difference is that the student has to give 36 law papers in Hons. 

As matter of simplification, we have summarized list of all law subjects covering major universities of India, into one excel sheet here.

What is our approach towards learning? How we teach the law?

We believe in excellence other than marks. We are a practically oriented generation! We have below approaches to our teaching:

1. You must understand the concept: The essence of law lies in understanding the law in depth. If you are conceptually perfect then you don't need to worry. You can crack any exam and any real life situation with ease. We, at Being Vakil, take utmost care in understanding the concept. We believe in visualization of a concept. Visualization enable the brain to retain the memory for longer period and this is the key of your success.


2. Let's make the learning interesting: Law is a very vast subject. It is always decorated in Legal Language which is difficult to grasp and use in the real life. Law has a very vague concepts and this makes the law boring. In a year approximately 35% candidates give up the hope of becoming a lawyer because they find it very difficult to write and explain the provisions, laws, rules in their answer sheet in those 3 hours of examination. We, at Being Vakil, engage students in differential examples being taken mostly from Bollywood, TV Serials etc. It makes the law very interesting and a student can remember these examples for the life time.


3. Feeling like a family: Communication is integral part of a relationship. We keep our focus upon student - teacher relationship. A student can have a feeling of confidence in our premises because of friendly ambiance. In our first few sessions, we focus on making a student comfortable. This generate the feeling of confidence and he may not hesitate to clear his doubts during lectures in front of faculty and other students. 


4. Little things should be rewarded: At Being Vakil, we focus not only on law studies but also on overall skill development of a student. Our students get rewarded for achieving certain milestones. We are happy to reward them! 


5. Opportunity to work with us: We create an opportunity to work with us. During this period, student gets exposure to litigation and non-litigation work. They get to read, draft, analyze the case papers, notices, Judgments and other legal research respectively. Currently four of our students are undergoing an internship under our mentorship.